Visual storytelling projects and other uses of technology in the classroom are becoming increasingly widely used. At Skidmore assisting professors use this technology is primarily done by Academic Technology and Media Services. According to Benjamin Harwood in Academic Technology, visual story telling projects have become increasingly the domain of the media services department as the projects become more popular. These projects are often suggested by professors and allow for aspects of visual literacy to be embedded within a class. Academic technology also supports projects that are more of the professor’s responsibilities, such as capturing lectures. One of the challenges of these projects is how time consuming creating a high quality video can be, in addition to this properly taking account for copyright on any content used is often something faculty are not willing to take the time to do. Video narratives in general are probably not as prevalentĀ at Skidmore as they are at Colgate. They are most frequently adopted within the humanities, though increasing the departments that use them could increase the overall visual and digital literacies on campus.

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